Elastomeric coating(polyurea coating)

batsi Elastomeric coating(polyurea coating)

What is Elastomeric coating ....polyurea?


Polyurea/Polyurethane Hybrid Coating System The polyurea/urethane coating specifications call for two coats: a primer coat and a finish coat. The drying time of this system is far shorter than that of the high-build epoxy coating system, thus reducing the work period. A polyurea coating is produced by combining an isocyanate group (R-NCO) with an amine group (RNH), while a urethane coating is manufactured by combining an isocyanate group (R-NCO) with a polyol (ROH). The urea coatings are divided into the aliphatic group, aromatic group, and aspartic group, depending on the type of amine group, while urethane coatings are largely classified into the acrylic group and the alkyd group. A polyurea/urethane hybrid coating is a mixture with a certain ratio of polyurea and urethane resins.

Advantage of polyurea

super fast reaction time High chemical resistance Moisture insensitivity resistant to atmospheric attack THERMAL RESISTANCE superior tensile &structure strength High abrasion resistance Voc free .

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