Batsi Company (Batiment de specialite industrial) has the pleasure to co-operate with you in any field of our activities in Water proofing systems - heat and sound insulation - Swimming pools - injection systems - Concrete repairs - industrial flooring&polyurea - Expansion joints - liners - Stamped and colored concrete and artificial rocks. and it's our pleasure to present you the basics and rules, which established the constitution our company in dealing, which are

First: Financing

Batsi Company chose the subjective finance way to avoid the boarders and coasts of the other techniques like loaning to economize coasts and to concentrate on caring out all our works accurately and punctually.  

Second: Prices

 We are committed to use the best materials and employee. We believe in reducing the prices for the benefit of sides, the clients and our on the long run.    

Third: Materials

   Since all may use nearly what others may use but the importance to get the best materials with reasonable prices, that's why we established an intimate relation with the great suppliers who have ideas and power in material fields. But still needs experience and skills bases to determine the quality of the required materials, and applying the materials together gain the best results with the least loss it could be.  

Fourth: Storing policy

According to the new management techniques the company settled an assumed budget for the materials and employees immediately after dealing a contract, the lift will be just after site receipting and to avoid any drops or needs Batsi thinks it is important to have a portable depot in the work location in order to provide quick and supplement service when it needs according to material drawing theories (LIFO&FIFO)

Fifth: Employment

Batsi company seeks accuracy in selecting all kind of employee and the suitable ones for every deal, and the company takes care always to have a name list for the selected employee in every section just in case of need. Practice and training have their main importance for Eng. Medhat El Sayed as in view of fact that he is the director in charge.    

Sixth: Organizing and Organizer

It's agreed that the organizer is the most important element in the production component but in the production component but in face the rate and accuracy of any product are measured by the qualification of the organizer, as Eng. Medhat El Sayed is the one in charge, it is our honor to accomplish this mission then in the following few pages we present our experiences and Eng. Medhat El Sayed. Best Regards